GAC Philosophy is the general term for the core of GAC Culture. It shows the value and pursuit of GAC Group and the basic concepts and principles established to achieve its goals.
        Taking GAC philosophy as the core, GAC Group will build an inspiring corporate culture with GAC characteristics to unite the value and strength of each employee to form a “business community”, so as to move toward the goal and vision of world-class enterprise and sustainable business. 

Corporate Vision Corporate Values Operation Principles Slogan

We are committed to building a world-class company which wins customers'trust, ensures staff's well-being, meets social expectation, and keeps creating value for a better mobile life of human beings.

We always stick to customer-oriented and win trust by catering to the need of customers with superior products and excellent services.

We care about the staff by creating an atmosphere of equality and mutual respect. We provide them with opportunities and platforms for self-fulfillment to strengthen their sense of gain and happiness. 

We actively undertake social responsibilities to ensure the harmonious development of the company, community and nature, to spread positive energy and meet social expectations.

We take efforts to strengthen competitiveness and influence to become a benchmark company that is dominant in global resource distribution, leading in automobile industry and influential in the industrial development. 

We keep innovating to create value and allow people to experience a better and richer mobile life.

Humanity, Credibility and Creativity.


We put staff, customers, shareholders, cooperation partners and the public first. We care for staff's development, devote to meeting customers'needs, bring reasonable returns to shareholders, share profits with partners, and benefit the public.


With integrity, we gain recognition from customers and all walks of life. With trust, we strengthen seamless cooperation among the staff, the company and partners for common good and development. 


Taking innovation as the primary driving force for development, we are committed to continuous improvement and breakthrough. Encouraging creativity, we are devoted to creating products for customers, building platforms for the staff, earning wealth for shareholders and bringing value to the society.

Respect Humanity and Advocate Communication Sincere Cooperation and Open Sharing Innovation Driven and Pragmatic Efficiency

Respect Humanity and Advocate Communication 

We respect individual differences and respect different voices. We advocate perspective-taking and treat everyone equally.

We value mutual communication and improve its mechanism to ensure timely and effective feedback. 

Sincere Cooperation and Open Sharing 

We conduct internal and external cooperation on the basis of integrity and commitment. 

We value inclusiveness and openness, share resources and benefits to achieve win-win situation and complement each other's advantages. 

Innovation Driven and Pragmatic Efficiency 

Innovation is the driving force of development– we dare to challenge and explore.

Practice makes perfect – we keep learning to maintain flexibility and improve efficiency.

Creativity Defines Our Future.

With great passion and courage for innovation, we are in pursuit of continuous improvement.

With the lofty ideal and long-term planning, we aim to build a bright future of common good.


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